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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bad Vegan MoFo'er! Roasted Veggie Pizza, Tofu Scramble, Twin-pepper

I'm a Bad Bad Vegan MoFo'er! But to my defense the boyfriend was sick and needed someone to take care of him. I'll just have to post this weekend to make up for the lack of beginning of the week posting!
Is it the coldest fall ever for anyone else out there but me? It frosted last week! I have never remembered first frost to be this early typically I remember it happeneing in the end of October not the beginning. Early super cold fall, and hardly any summer.... Any way enough with my ranting, on to the food!

I made a roasted veggie pizza, with roasted peppers (red, green and Hungarian), onions and garlic. I spread a layer of homemade Vegan Basil Pesto on the top, then layered spinach all over that. Then I put some Vegan mozza on it along with the veggies and black olives! This was very good and different from my typical pizza's.

All served up with my go to green salad with "honey"-dijon dressing.

Tofu-Scramble with mushrooms, spinach, black olives, peppers and onions.
Served with leftover soup buns, the same salad that I made for the pizza (I'm boring I know). Avocado for smearing on the buns (best toast topping ever!)Garden cherry tomatoes and homemade corn salsa to go with it. Nice comforting meal.