Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Please don't be late....

Hey Everybody! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got everything that you wanted!
Sorry for such a late Christmas post, it seems like I closed my eyes and December was gone and Christmas was here! Such a busy month for me, with hardly any time to accomplish all the baking plans I had! Even though I had way to much stuff to do, I had amazing Christmas an got lots of awesome presents! Your going to be hearing alot about Christmas in the days to come as I love Christmas and think it isn't a day, its a whole season!
I'll share a few pictures of the Christmas decorations in my house, and the cookies I made this year. With more coming tomorrow!

I make these ones every year, orange vanilla sugar cookies, with an vanilla orange glaze - I use the "Christmas oranges" that are good this time of the year.

I also make snickerdoodles every year, as they are my Boyfriends favorite cookie!

These are sugar cookie trees covered in pistachio cream frosting, craisins, with a chocolate tree trunk.

Sugar cookie stockings coated in chocolate with crushed up candy canes.
These are sugar cookies with vanilla icing and sparkly sugar cookies

This is a picture of my awesome santa plate that I put my cookies on, product review of those awesome vegan candies soon to come!

These are some pics of my house at Christmas-time.
My favorite Christmas tree ornament, sometimes we all need to be reminded of this fact.


My second favorite Christmas tree ornament is this house that says "First Home", we got this one when we bought our house.

  This one is a replica of Kingston's City Hall