Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Vegan Canadian Thanksgiving Feast!

Hey Everyone!
The Canadian Thanksgiving was on the 11th of this Month, although I celebrated the week before that, with my Mother and my in-laws. This meal was totally "omni-approved" and was the most turkey like tofurkey I have ever made!
This will also be my very first blog post from my new computer, "Larry the Laptop" as he has been dubbed. I must say I really enjoy being able to blog on the couch apposed to a desk chair!

Here is my Thanksgiving spread all together on one my plate:

Mushroom, white wine 'furkey gravy

Stuffed with "traditional" style stuffing "tofurkey" with roasted veggies flavored with rosemary and sage.

Slightly burnt stuffing with whole wheat bread, craisins, wild rice, carmalized onions, and walnuts

Sweet potato casserole- sweet potatoes flavored with earth balance, cinnamon, and brown sugar, sage and rosemary infused breadcrumb and pecan topping

Whipped and super fluffy mashed potatoes

Gluten free "turkey" option: soy curls in gravy

Pumpkin pie

Inside shot:

Apple pie with a crust bottom and oatmeal crumble top:

Inside shot:

My dessert plate: A little piece of apple pie topped with homemade vanilla soy ice cream, and a little piece of pumpkin pie.