Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fake pork with a yellow tomato sauce, and a tomato crumble on the side. Gnocchi made with leftovers

Since being overwhelmed by a mountain of tomatoes from my huge tomato plants, I've been making a ton of tomato dishes. Here is just a few. When I get a few minutes to spare, I'll try and remember what I used to create this dishes, so I can help other people make yummy dishes with tomatoes!

Garden tomato and herb crumble drizzled with balsamic reduction; on the side of, grilled "pork" with a caramelized onion and yellow tomato sauce; on a bed of roasted garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes.

I had leftover mashed potatoes so I made gnocchi with it, and made a sauce out of garden tomatoes and herbs, onions, and roasted garlic. I topped it with cultured cashew cheese and gouda sheese.

Homemade thyme and rosemary infused pappardelle pasta, with a garden tomato sauce and a bunch of other yummy tasting crap thrown in for good measure!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The results of my hard-working green thumb!

I wanted to show off my small but wonderful garden to you guys, as I discovered a real love for gardening this year and it has really paid off! Please excuse some of my less the perfect shots as I am still getting use to a camera with far too many functions then I could ever know what to do with.


Tomato flowers:

Flowered Thai and purple basil


White "puffball" flowers... That is there actual name.

Sad looking Oregano


Painted Daisies

Red morning Glory

Dried up looking catnip

Basil- What kind of foodie would I be without at least one basil plant- I have 3 this year but not of them are doing very well.

Golden Lemon Thyme

Purple bleeding hearts--- I love these flowers!

Purple Hibiscus plant

Scarlett runner bean flowers

Scralett runner beans

Whole vine shot.

Lemon boy tomatoes- My favorite!

San maranzo... Very meaty and creamy, with little juice

Sweet golds, turn yellow-orange-gold when ripe.

Yellow Pear

Brandywines... turn dark pink, light red when ripe, and they all get cracks on them

Pablano pepper, the only lonesome pepper that grew

Holy moly pepper. Turns dark brown when ready to pick

Hungarian wax peppers

A shot that shows how tall some of my tomato plants have gotten, the fence is 6 feet tall, and some of these plants surpass the fence by more then a foot.

More tall tomatoes.

Pretty cat shot--- Delilah

Shiloh- Usually called Bebe cat

Hope you enjoy the pics of my garden, as I know I love looking at other peoples pictures of their gardens!