Monday, August 23, 2010

It's My Birthday.. And I'll blog if I want to...

Hey all....
Now sitting here drinking a glass of Rose Wine (while my wonderful boyfriend is making me a delicious B-day dinner) is making me realize how much I miss blogging, and I have realized that it has been almost 5 month's since I have blogged! Giving up complete control over my kitchen to allow someone else to cook in it is super difficult, can anyone else relate to that?

I can't get over how quickly time can fly, especially the summer, which seems to go by quicker than anything else. Now I'm not going to bother with all the formal apologizing (as I'm sure you can all relate with how busy life can get, with a job and school and bills and such). And being so busy makes for very boring, and very few blog-worthy meals!

But I have decided that as a Birthday present to myself that I will begin blogging again, because sharing my love of food and (hopefully) interesting thoughts with so many wonderful people is something I really enjoy!
I have so many things to share, I got a new camera which I got on Sale! I am so DEEP in love with, as my other camera decided to stop co-operating with me... Apparently my old camera got tired of taking pictures of my food.... Which is not at all a blow to my self confidence :( lol.

I have tonnes of product reviews which I will tackle here and there, as I have SO many new product's that I have tried and can't wait to share my thoughts with you guys!

My boyfriend's Birthday was on the 18th, so to be the great Girlfriend that I am, I made tofu scramble for him to wake up to, with a Virgin mimosa to go with!

and on his actual Birthday he requested Vegan Fish and Chips. I made a coleslaw to go with it, and a homemade tarter sauce. It was sooo good.
Here is the pictures that capture it in all its wonderful glory(this was the first time I made fish n' chips Vegan or otherwise)! I really had fun with it, and I loved it!
I used a gluten-soy seaweed wrapped fake fish that we bought in Toronto a long time ago.

On Friday, I made a special request dinner and the only request was Vegan pub-style food! So of course I had to go crazy with it.

I concocted this neat buffalo wing, with crispy fried onions, blue-cheese dressed salad, containing red leaf lettuce, tomato and green peppers(mouthful to say, but vegan of course).

I also made coconut fried "shrimp" with a peanut-soy chili dipping sauce.

Potato skins, and Jalapeno poppers.

Recipes all soon to follow, as they are all simple, but delicous junk food recipes!

And the show stopper....
Is a VEGAN cookies and cream Ice cream cake, made with homemade soy ice cream.

The bottom layer is a cookie crumb crust made with organic, vegan "oreos", chocolate soy ice cream, fudge layer made with chocolate fudge sauce with cookie crumbs, and then a vanilla cookies and cream, and then finally coconut ice cream for a smooth top.

Slice shot:

Innards shot: