Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hoping to win Katies "Vita-Mix Giveaway"

Hi Guys,
If you haven't already entered Katies Vita-Mix Giveaway you should get on it, because the contest ends soon!!
Talking about Katie, here is a Katie-inspired recipe that I created raw peanut butter cookie dough babies! Quite a mouthful I know, but even more delicious! I followed the basic recipe but added peanuts into the mix, and a little peanut butter, plus a little bit of coconut powder! These are awesome and to make them all pretty I rolled them around in crushed peanuts!
I really really really want to win this contest, I keep on fantasizing about how wonderful it would be to have a Vitamix blender and all the neat things I would do!! But then again who wouldn't want such a fabulous peace of kitchen equipment?

This isn't my picture, but I can't for the life of me remember what blog I got it off of.
On a another note,
Sorry for the lack of posts lately, had some personal and some computers issues do deal with, the computer is working better. The rest will hopefully come in time. But it is almost the end of te month to a new year, with more regular blog posts and lots of recipes to come!
I'm looking to re-design my blog and was wondering if any of you, know of a good program (free please) to design something a little more me?

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Jill said...

Best of luck with the contest! I've always wanted a Vita-Mix too. The raw peanut butter balls sound great. As far as I'm concerned, all desserts should incorporate peanut butter :)