Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gardein Product reveiw, Vegan Hamburger Helper, Heifer Watermelon, potato leek soup

Well Hello there Vegan Mofo!! I'm so excited to be participating this year, if you want a full list of participants click the "Vegan MOFO" banner at the top of my blog, it links to a list of all bloggers that are particpating.

I posted my first product review on my product review-only blog over here:

Using fall's bounty well by making a leek and potato soup, traditional nothing exciting, but creamy, comforting and oh so gooood! Especially served with homemade bread all garlic buttered up and nice and toasty.

Check out this huge beauty! It's called a Texas Sweet watermelon, I cut it in half and each half was the size of a regular watermelon. It wasn't the best tasting watermelon I've ever had, mostly bought it for the novelty factor of eating such a large watermelon!

I had a bunch of leftovers: leftover "taco" seasoned lentils, tonnes of homemade salsa, and some leftover mac and cheese sauce. So I combined them all together with some cooked pasta. It was awesome, a little soupy but really good and spicy, brought on comforting childhood memories!

Does any one else love the fall colors, and the comoforting yummy fall food, but hate the freaking cold???? Its been fall weather since the middle of september here... AAAAHHH I miss the sum sooo much.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frozen Banana's, spelt waffles with hand-picked berries!

Hey guys,
Sorry for not posting for the past few days, My in-laws were in town visiting and that made for some very busy days.
And to answer Brandie's question about why I slice and freeze my bread slices, is that I make two loaves at once. And for two people it would take too long to eat it before it goes stale, so I freeze it right after I make it, so that it's at its freshest. I hate seeing anything go to waste and that also prevents me having to chuck any bread.

I also buy reduced Organic banana's(the big banana in this picture was twice the size of the average banana, it was over a foot long):

, slice them and freeze them, and throw into smoothies or make banana ice cream:

Such as this exhibit here:
Half pineapple-banana, and half strawberry-banana, which made for a delicous snack

When it was berry season I made spelt waffles, and coconut cashew whipped cream, drizzled with maple syrup, and had the best breakfast! There are two different types of raspberries in this picture, red ones and blue ones(the blue ones are the ones that look like they've been rolled in powdered sugar) I went to a pick your own and picked lots of raspberries, I love berry picking its the prefect way to spend a summer day.

Here is a meal I made one day when we were at my in-laws in August: Fresh local corn, just picked and boiled garden potatoes. And rosemary-dijon, red wine marinated Vegan steaks.

Accompanied by a lemon-EVOO dressed spring mix salad with blueberries and slivered almonds.

I'd love some comments!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Vegan Triamusu! What my boyfriend makes when I don't feel well, and My great birthday food!

Hey Guys,
Now that I told you about my boyfriends Birthday. Here's the food for mine:(he rarely cooks, bt when he does he always pleasantly surprises me). Because this is the type of stuff he makes when I'm not feeling well and don't want to cook:
Leftover tofu scramble(that I made), some watermelon, and a phony baloney sandwich on a stale freezer burnt hamburger bun with a tomato, no lettuce and just mayo yellow mustard.

But before all this happened he made me breakfast, Vegan French toast and I made the batter the night before for him.... So I wasn't exactly surprised but it was super sweet!
Served up with leftover icing from his cake lol!

My Boyfriend made me the most delicous 3 course meal, started with a Chilled watermelon soup:

Then the 2nd course was a salad with spring mix, and thinly sliced pear, toasted walnuts. With a raspberry vinaigrette, I forgot to take a picture of this.

The main portion of the meal was a pasta dish with a basil-cashew pesto, roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers, and balsamic glazed red onions, roasted garlic and fake bacon strips.

I did have to make my own Birthday Cake (Although I really don't mind, any excuse to make a cake!) I decided to try my hand at Veganizing Trimasu. I'm not sure how close I actually got since I've never actually had the Un-Vegan version. But it has been approved and loved by a triamusu crazy omni. So I guess it must be fairly close to orginal version.
I made 2 layers of a midly sweet and midly flavored white sponge type cake. I made a cream cheesey whipped cream. Made with agar, soymilk, tofutti, cashews, coconut milk and a bunch of other stuff. I soaked the cake layers(after poking them with a fork) in Super extra strong sweetned coffee and lots of amaretto. I put a layer of the whipped cream mixture in the middle and a slightly sofented layer on the top with cocoa powder and chocolate shavings on the top.
Here is my prized work, still its springform pan prison!

I didn't breathe the entire time I slowly wiggled it out of the pan, but hey it came out in one piece!

Inside food porn shot:

Slice shot:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Amazing Vegan Birthday cake!!! Junky Vegan Bar food!

My boyfriends Birthday was just last week, and I made a special cake and meal.
As per my boyfriends request I made a "Junky meal" for his birthday.
Please ignore the mess everywhere in the photos, it was a busy day!
Tofu Wings with traditional hot sauce style wing sauce:

Homemade Vegan ranch sauce:

I also made Vegan mozzarella sticks with homemade Vegan mozzarella with a pizza sauce-esque dipping sauce:

And of course no junky meal would be complete without nacho's, with homemade mozza cheese, with cheddar sheese, roasted garlic, onions and peppers.

With vegan yogurt in place of sour cream, guacamole, and homemade salsa

And I made the most amazing Vegan Cake!!!

It was 2 layers of Dark chocolate Stout cake, with a layer of fluffy peanut butter mousse, and a white chocolate, cream "cheese" buttercream that was reminiscent of a traditional cooked buttercream.
Inside food porn shot:

The balls decorating the cake are the leftovers bits after I scooped its insdies a bit, I mixed in the peanut butter mousse mixed in, then rolled into balls. I dipped them in chocolate afterwards, no cake waste and much more amazing delicousness!!!
Crappy Picture of A slice:

All lit up and ready to wished on!