Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Montreal eats and Great pictures!

We ate at Le Commensal for dinner the first night and lunch twice.
I found Le Commensal to be a little on the expensive side, not having as many Vegan dishes as I would like, and dishes containing dairy were not clearly marked enough for it to be super safe for us Vegans.

The First night we were in Montreal we were starving and Le Commensal was the closet Veggie place to our hotel.
I found it to be a little pricey this plate my boyfriend got was $20, and don't get me wrong the food was good, it just wasn't great or as good as I expected

This was my Boyfriends plate, its hard to place what the food was now, but I remember beet and apple salad, sietan marsala, sietan au vain, thai style seitan, quinoa tabouli, roasted veggies, marinated avacodo, seaweed salad.

My plate: I had the 5 pepper soup and multi-grain bun

A few different types of the seitan I listed above, curried chickpea salad, sprouts, vegan ceaser salad.

A fluer de lis, which were randomly placed on the sidewalks.

We also went to Yuan Vegetarian which is an all Vegetarian Chinese food place, and I have to shamefully admit I have never had Chinese food before so I was really excited about going here.
I was not disappointed the food was amazing! And I also picked up two packs of some Vegan shrimp!
We tried the Steamed dumplings as an appetizer:

The General Tsaos "Chicken" (Myt favourite, although it was a tad on the sweet side)

And the Schezwan "Pork" I forgot to take a picture before we had eaten some!

We went to Bonnies restaurant one night, which was a super cute little place, with a funky vibe and great atmosphere. The food was good, but not spectacular, but the atmosphere sure made the the trip worth it!

My boyfriend got the nacho burger plate.

I got a tempeh Dijon saurkraut wrap that we forgot to take a picture of.

This was my favorite sight-seeing adventure while we were there, its the old Montreal clock tower, which was made by the same company that made big ben! And its almost a 100 years old.

Just some of the many, many, many steps I had to climb to get to the top, over 200 steps to be exact! It was retty intense to be more then 200 hundred meters in the air on a wobbly old spiral starcase!

The inside of the "clock" part.

The outside of the "clock" part.

These are all pictures taken from the top on tower out of the observatory windows, which is that little window thingy right before the top, which was a platform that could only fit maybe 4-6 people at one time! It was an amaizng veiw that took my breath away!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Back from Montreal, Our new BBQ! Veggie Burgers that actually hold together.

Hey Everyone!
I really missed posting/reading while I was gone, and I'd love some comments!
Well I'm back from Montreal, I walked way too much so many neat places. Montreal is pretty Vegan/ Vegetarian friendly, I ate lots of delicous food. I'll post pics of my eats and all that tomorrow as I don't have the pictures right now.
But first I'll tell you about our BBQ that we just bought, not the picture I took but the picture off of their website.

Its not the fanciest thing in the world but it's the best Electric BBQ we could find. I did not want to get a Propane/Gas BBQ because of the carcinogens it produces, and I don't want to be eating carcinogens if I can avoid it. So far I've made these amazing (don't mean to toot my own horn!) Veggie burgers, they hold together perfectly and are juicy and better then any store bought veggie burger I've ever had.

I made 6 burgers:

I made them with Red kidney beans, lentils and seitan! I covered them in abodo sauce and my homemade grill seasoning. The first time I also grilled ruby fingerling potatoes. I Put grilled red onions and red peppers on these burgers.
Before Grilling:

After Grilling:

The finished product: I also grilled some ruby fingerling potatoes: