Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Meat sauce" pasta bake, broccoli and "cheddar" soup, Mutated Tomato, Laser cat"

Hey guys! happy Vegan Mofo day 4!
I am working on getting my recipes up very soon for people who are interested. Just fine tuning and working out some kinks!

I made this for a quick supper the other night, just simple red sauce pasta, with some ground up fake beef, with a layer of (not that great yet homemade mozza) in the middle, and some on top with a little of the "blue" flavor Sheese, with a liberal amount of nooch on the top to give it a crispy savory crust! This was very good and reminiscent of childhood meals.

I made this broccoli and "cheddar" soup the other night and served it with heavliy EB'd homemade toasted bread. This was perfect fall food and very reminescent of childhood as well... Apparently there is a pattren here.

This was dessert one night. 'Nanner soft serve, mixed in a with a little soaked dates and vanilla bean paste, served with rasperry sauce!

Strange mutated beefstake tomato (on the left) Already fairly large beefstake tomato in the middle, and regular sized beefstake tomato on the end.
I like to share strange produce finds... Lol.

And finally this post was brought to you by...... Laser cat! This is my cat Delilah and no matter what time of day or where I take her pic, she gets lase eyes.... I think she eats to many carrots... Or she may be possessed!

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Jeni Treehugger said...

*tickles Laser cat under the chin*
I think she's possessed by the spirit of MoFo!
That broccoli and "cheddar" soup looks awesome!