Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall relish, Green Salsa. I love to can!

Obviously I'm not the only blogger that loves canning, but does anyone else burn themselves everywhere when they can? I wish that I had more time/endless supply of money then I would can anything and everything!
I made something called "fall salsa/relish" with celery, apples, peppers and tomatoes that were not green or red yet.

It made 500ml jars.

This had close to 30pounds of green tomatoes, which I roasted in the oven till the skin cut brown and they got soft and mushy, I also roasted green peppers and Jalapenos. I sauteed onions, and then pureed it all, but left it all little chunky, and threw in raw garlic and black pepper for good measure.

This made 12 500ml jars!
I forget to take a picture of the green salsa in jars but it looks like the fall relish in jars just greener! Lol :)

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Hannah said...

I really do admire anyone with the skill and patience to can their own food... This would be such a wonderful treat to open up in colder months!