Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Geek Squad for me! I fixed it myself! Any tips on Gluten free baking?

Hey Everyone,
Sorry its taken so long for me to post! I installed Norton Internet Security 2009 (which I will now blast and tear it a new one!) on my computer about a month ago and mind you my computer is not the fastest one in the world its getting old, but at least its always been good and done its job fairly well. But once I installed it, any wordpress hosted websites were blocked (Like Katie and Caroline!) Which have been some of my favorite blogs to read! Then all blogspot and wordpress blogs were blocked, no wonderful blogs to read with my mornign coffeee!! I couldn't even access my own blog. What a lousy piece of sh*t this program is, if you're thinking about buying, trust me and don't, it's a waste of your money! /end RANT!/

I installed it, and download a free trial of a few different security programs off of So I fixed it myself, and all is well in the world now. Now I am able to visit my favorite blogs which I have missed so much! And know I can blog again, thank goodness! I have been one busy girl though, we have discovered that my Mother has Celiacs disease, and can't eat soy or beans or quinoa right now. So what she can eat is very limited as she is a vegetarian that is mostly vegan. So I have been trying to figure out what she can eat, and how to bake gluten free, which I have never tried before.

I have had some major successes, and some major faluries!
I made a semi-succesful loaf of bread, that was very dry but my mother said had a hell of a lot more flavour then the "dry sponges" frozen gluten free bread tastes like.

It cracked after it baked, and a chunk fell off.

Here it is, it fell apart and cracked when I sliced it:

Un- baked pizza with homemade gluten free crust

All baked, this crust didn't crack, wasn't gluey, and was tender and crispy.

This was delicous! It was a bottom layer of "cheesy" polenta, the middle was roasted garlic rosemary mashed potatoes. And then the top layer was the "cheesy" polenta again. I put sliced tomatoes and fake mozza on the top .
This was very creamy and comforting with so many flavors happening!

Inside food porn shot

"Money Shot"

This was my first raw pasta dish! I made zucchinini pasta with the julienne setting on my mandolin, raw marinated mushrooms, cherry tomatoes from my bursting at the seams garden, which is producing more cherry tomatoes then we can eat.

These are drinks I made one night to enjoy on our deck, the left one is a strawberry daquiri and the one the right is a pineapple one (no coconut milk, it just got foamy and creamy on its own?! weird I know) And don't worry I didn't drink both!

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Vegetation said...

Argh! Norton stinks!! I used it once upon a time many years ago and it sucked then. I've not heard anything wonderful about it since then. Glad you're up and running again though!

I love that pizza! It looks great!

Karina has some great recipes, not all are vegan, but many are and many can easily be veganized:

Soy free can be a little trickier sometimes (boy do I know!) but it's doable. Bryanna Clark Grogans recipe books are vegan and have a lot of soy free subs, or if you want to email me I can send you a list of soy free (and sometimes gluten free) vegan blogs you might like :) (My email is in my profile).